Interior Design 


Interior Design Services

Floor Plan Design:

Floor Layouts
Cabinetry Placement Design
Ceiling Detail Design

Electrical Design:

Electrical Floor Plan
Switch/Receptacle Placement & Design
Decorative Fixture Selections

Finish Material Selections:

Floor and Wall Material Selections
Cabinetry Style/Color Selections
Plumbing Fixture/Finishes Selections
Hardware, Trim, and Door Selections

The Design Process:

1. Designer Site Consultation:

During this first in person meeting, our job is to understand and get a feel for what your style and ideas are for determining the environment that you want to create for you and your family. In this meeting you will discuss styles/ flow/ materials/ colors that excite you, specific features you would like to include and lifestyle focused amenity requirements.

2. Design Proposal:

Our team will create and send a proposal agreement with all the pertaining information we discussed during our first Design site consultation. This agreement includes the cost of the design package and all the services agreed upon by the client and Designer for the project needs.

3. Floor Plan Concept Development:

Our role in this phase of the process will be to expand on the floor plan layouts for optimization purposes. From there, we will include floor finish details, a lighting plan, ceiling design details, millwork locations, and fixture placement details.

4. Elevation Design:

At this phase we bring your interior to life. Everything you have seen until this point from an interior perspective has been from a “top” or floor plan view. Our goal in this phase of the interior design process is to provide you with “elevation” plans that show you the concept for the cabinetry, tile, and other significant feature walls that are as if you are standing in front of them!