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Why Us?

Grand Irish Construction is comprised of a well-rounded and highly skilled team of professionals who will always deliver their best work. Collaboratively, we have been able to execute projects in the most efficient and creative manner possible. 

From conception to completion, we handle construction and renovation projects with great care and attention to detail. Our clients trust our expertise throughout the entire construction process and knowing this, we aim to do the best job possible for a price that makes the most sense to our clients.  

We also offer financing options to ensure that our client’s dream space or project comes to fruition.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to transform spaces, places, and lives. Our final products are not only met with complete satisfaction from our customers, but from our team members, who take pride in their work. Each one of our team members possesses true craftsmanship; this skill is inherent in the high quality and creative work they produce on a daily basis.

Our vision is to bring refinement to the construction industry. By consistently drawing upon 20+ years of experience and utilizing cutting edge technology, you can trust us to execute your project or renovation to its’ fullest potential. its’ fullest potential.

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Our Values

1. We take PRIDE IN OUR WORK. We are wholly committed to quality output.

1. Grand Irish PRIDE IN OUR WORK

2. We embody INTEGRITY. You can trust that we will always do what we say.

3. We are SOLUTION DRIVEN. We think outside the box and leave no problem unsolved.

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4. We operate in a GROWTH MINDSET, both in and out of the business.


5. We believe in DIRECT COMMUNICATION. We are calm, respectful, thorough and transparent.


6. We keep our EYES ON THE PRIZE. Everyday, we show up enthusiastic, motivated, and focused on company goals. When Grand Irish wins, we all win.

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Built on integrity, vision, and true craftsmanship.

Noel Murphy
The guiding force behind Grand Irish Construction Inc. Noel embarked on his professional journey in 1998, Noel’s foundation lies in a profound respect for craftsmanship, earning him a Red Seal in Carpentry and Joinery. Committed to continual growth, he later achieved a Construction Management Qualification from the esteemed Canadian Construction Association (CCA).
In the dynamic realm of construction, Noel honed his skills across diverse domains – from the finesse of finishing work to the precision of framing, roofing, flooring, and formwork. This journey culminated in his role as Site Foreman for the iconic Stantec Tower, poised to stand as Western Canada’s tallest building.
As the driving force behind Grand Irish, Noel has seamlessly blended his extensive skills and experiences to surpass the demands of the Okanagan Valley. Fueled by integrity in an ever-evolving industry, Grand Irish is Noel’s brainchild, a testament to his commitment to delivering excellence.
At Grand Irish Construction Inc., our purpose is clear: to deliver impeccable craftsmanship with a focus on safety and efficiency, all while remaining mindful of budgetary considerations. Under Noel’s leadership, the company isn’t just about construction; it’s a pledge to transform aspirations into tangible realities, one project at a time.
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Get in touch with Grand Irish Construction & Renovations in the Okanagan Valley!